When can I come and look at the vehicles?

Viewing is generally open from the day before the auction and on the morning of the auction. Please check the auction catalogues or location for viewing hours at your nearest operating location.

When are your auctions held?

For specific auction times and dates please refer to the auction catalogues of your closest Manheim location.

Can I find out the reserve?

We do not disclose the reserve on any of the items we sell on behalf of our vendors. We cannot disclose a ball park, rough idea or guesstimate, however you may purchase a Vehicle Auction Report Book for $10.00 which provides a guide on past sales.

How do I bid?

We have two ways of bidding, in-lane or online:

1 Online

To bid online you will need to fill out the online registration form and supply the required information. For more information on online bidding please call our Customer Support Centre on 0800 408 488 (option 3).

2 In-lane

To bid in person in the lane, you will need to visit the Manheim operating location and register at reception the morning of the auction. Registration is free and you are required to provide photo ID such as a current Passport or Drivers licence.

What happens if I'm successful in an auction?

If you are the highest bidder, and the item has reached the reserve price, you will be required to pay a deposit of 10% or $500.00, whichever is greater. Payment can be made by cash, bank cheque, EFTPOS or credit card (Visa and Mastercard only and a processing fee of 1.43% applies to credit card transactions). Personal cheques and business cheques are not accepted. You are also required to pay the balance of your purchase by 4pm the following day.

What other fees do I have to pay?

On top of the purchase price of your vehicle you will be required to pay a Buyer Administration Fee, a Buyer Security Fee and a Handling Fee. A Government charge applies to all BIDNOW and BUYNOW vehicles, which must be paid after the sale of an item. Please check the catalogue or ask staff for fees associated with your vehicle.

Can I start the cars?

For health and safety you are unable to start any of the vehicles. Vehicle engines may be started by our staff on your behalf and you can see and hear the passenger and commercial vehicles running as they go through the auction lane on auction day. We also provide a road test report, located on the front windscreen of each vehicle which will give you a guide as to the general condition of the vehicle.

Are all of the cars sold with a Road Worthy Certificate?

No. If a vendor provides a current RWC and/or current registration this will be advertised on our website and announced prior to the vehicle being auctioned.

What about vehicle books and accessories?

Vehicles are auctioned in the condition they are given to us. If a vendor provides a spare key and service books and/or history then the vehicle will be sold with them. We cannot contact vendors to question them about missing keys, books and accessories but if they are supplied with the vehicle, you have the opportunity to view them up until the start of the auction.

Can I sell my car here?

Yes. We can auction your car for you, you will find more information here. You need to contact your nearest Manheim location to arrange a valuation. Contact details can be found on our Locations page. Any finance owing on a vehicle must be cleared before we can sell it and any vehicle with major damage must be auctioned through our Salvage auctions.

How do I login?

On the right hand side of the Manheim homepage there are two blank fields with a login button, fill in the appropriate details and click "Login". Typically your username will be your email address.

What are the costs to register as a full member for Manheim?

You are required to pay a bidding bond and a bidding bond administration fee. Bidding bonds are only required to bid and buy vehicles online. There is no charge to register and bid in person at any of our locations. For further information please refer to the online registration form.

How do I request a refund of my bond if I no longer wish to bid online?

You must email your request to stating you would like a refund and supplying your username. If the bond was paid more than a year ago, you will need to also supply your BSB and Account Number.

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